In the work on the visual style, we adhered to the “balance of trendiness and utility” approach. Design should help. For references, we looked at similar sites. At the same time, it is important not to stare: you need to soberly assess the relevance of using certain solutions in the context of the product development stage. It is not necessary to do everything right now - otherwise the project risks becoming endless.



    Scaling of UI and UX Design – adaptable to all scenarios

    Main tasks to be solved:


    • scaling scenarios, including the study of edge cases, errors, states of components and screens;
    • resizes for mobile browsers — analytics showed that familiarity with the platform and job searches are more often performed from mobile devices.
    • preparation of layouts for transfer to development;
    • development of a UI kit for further scaling and development of the platform;
    • development support.

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    Analytics - to solve questions, you need to ask them

    Among other things, we reviewed the current implementation and identified the main gaps in terms of navigation and user experience in general. Above, we have already mentioned the task of separating the roles of customers and performers. It only emerged from a careful study of feedback - only to find out that almost no one uses the platform in both roles.

    AS IS audit and identification of the main tasks that need to be addressed:

    • confusion of roles and, as a result, complication of navigation, defocusing;
    • confusing navigation within scenarios and individual pages;
    • repetitive actions and looping of some scenarios;
    • wrong visual accents.


    UX/UI Design concept - both trendy and comfortable

    To work out the design concept, one of the most loaded scenarios (Gigs) was chosen, which allowed us to work out a significant amount of UI kit. Based on it, you can scale the design more efficiently.

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